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why is this work important from the industrial or academic perspective?

ChE 460 Literature Review Due: Dec 03, 2019, 11 AM

Paper Review (50 pts.) Read the paper: “Dissolved oxygen control of the activated sludge wastewater treat-

ment process using model predictive control,” Computers and Chemical Engineering, vol 32, 1270-1278, 2008, and write a note about that paper. Please submit the printed hard copy. Handwriting version is not accepted.

You need to show and discuss the following contents. Please do not copy and paste any sentences from that paper.

� Motivations (10 pts.): why is this work important from the industrial or academic perspective?

� Methodologies (10 pts.): including the modeling and controller design methods.

� Your questions about the method in this paper (10 pts.): Model predictive control is the state-of-the-art technique for industrial automation. It is very normal that students cannot easily understand its concept. List all your questions on this method.

� Comments with critical thinking (10 pts.): List advantages & drawbacks of the proposed method. Provide your suggestions or possible improvement.

Format Requirement (10 pts.): Print your review on A4 paper, at least two full pages (not including references), single space, Times New Roman 12, margins 1 inch on all sides, no figure. Please list references in the end of this review (You can follow the reference format of Computers and Chemical Engineering). If your report does not meet above requirements, then you can obtain at most 1 point in this part.


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