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What Is The Relationship BetweenDistance Average Speed And Time

In chapter 2, you learned how to describe and use some properties of motion.  You learned that d=v/t.  In this virtual interactive lab  you will find the relationship between distance, average speed, and time. Click on the lab titled “Motion d=v/t”.  Follow procedural instructions given in the lab. Complete the 7 journal questions and the table and upload and submit the lab assignment (both the journal questions and the table) via Microsoft Word.  Lab 1 will be due on October 18, 2020 by 11:59 P.M.

If you are unable to go directly to the lab by clicking on the link, copy and paste the link in a new window.

Journal Questions:

1) Which Challenge question are you answering?

2)Which three cars did you select?

3) Which one of your three cars do you predict will answer the challenge question?

4) Which car actually answered the challenge questions?  How does this result compare to your prediction?

5) Does the fastest car always travel the farthest? Why or why not?

6) Does the car traveling the longest time always travel the greatest distance?

7) What real-world applications depend on the relationship between distance, average speed, and time

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