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Water Management

 Question 1 (4 points)

Which of the following irrigation method is more water efficient?

a.Sheet irrigation 

b. Furrow irrigation 

c. Water wheels 

d. Ground sprinkler irrigation

Question 2 (4 points)

Natural soil is typically classified by

a. pore volume 

b. grain size 

c. pore size 

d.water content

Question 3 (4 points)

Soil porosity is

a. pore volume in the soil 

b. water volume in the soil 

c. pore volume percentage in the soil

d. water volume percentage in the soil

Question 4 (4 points)

Which of the following statement is correct about water in soil

a. more water can be stored in clayed soils 

b. All are correct 

c. water drain faster in sandy soils 

d. nutrient leaching with soil water is more significant in sandy soils

Question 5 (4 points)

Which of the following statement is true about soil water measurement

a. The gravimetric method creates a disturbance on soil and vegetations growing in the soil 

b. Neutron probe is a tool that can only measure water while the soil is relatively wet 

c. Tensiometer is able to measure the water in soil under most conditions 

d. None of above is correct

Question 6 (4 points)

Which of the following is an ex situ remediation?

a. Vapor Extraction 

b. Permeable Reactive Barriers 

c. Extraction Wells 

d. None of above

Question 7 (4 points)

Which of the following mineral formations tend to develop the lowest permeability

a. Limestone 

b. Sandstone 

c. Crystalline Rocks 

d.. All about the same

Question 8 (4 points)

Compare water table with piezometric surface

a. Both separate the saturated from unsaturated zones 

b. All of above are correct 

c. Both have static water flowing on the surface 

d. Both physically present in the ground

Question 9 (4 points)

How much water is stored in an aquifer with its cross-sectional area of 2.0 m2, and a length of 2.5 m.  The porosity of this aquifer is 0.46, and the specific yield is 0.21.

a. 1.05 m3

b. 5.0 m3 

c. 0.48 m3 

d. 2.3 m3

Question 10 (4 points)

Groundwater cannot be contaminated by

a.Underground storage tank 

b. Ocean water intrusion 

c. Surface runoff 

d. Aquifer minerals

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