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Troy Davis Case

The State of Georgia v. Troy Davis

This assignment will finalize the trial portion of the case study that you began in W1 Assignment. In this week’s report, address the following points:

Describe the sentence handed down in this case.

Discuss whether the victim expressed any comment or participated in the sentencing process if that information is available. If the information is not available, speculate on what role the victim might have played in the sentencing process.

Summarize the information that would have been included in the PSI report.

Discuss what comes next. If the defendant wishes to appeal the case, which court would get the appeal? What would the defendant have to show in order for the appeal to be granted?

Describe whether justice was served in this case. Discuss alternative arguments for the prosecutor or defense attorney. Based on sentencing guidelines for your case, is the sentence fair? Discuss alternative sentencing options a judge may impose. Explain your reasoning

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