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Study Guide – Understanding Theology

Identifications – Write brief but complete descriptions of the word. If you know what language the word is in (Greek, Hebrew, etc), the literal translation of the word, or if the word is associated with one thinker or a particular school of theology – make sure to include that in the definition. While exact dates are not mandatory, you should generally know the time period of when certain thinkers lived (e.g. you can list the centuries of the thinkers or round dates to the nearest 50 years as discussed in class). Make sure to use information from the text-book to flesh out your notes from class and give a full answer. Full answers are more than a few words but not as long as a full essay. Three to five sentences is a good general rule. Sometimes a word requires a little more or a little less. A good general guideline is to NOT assume I know anything. Explain your answer to me like I do not know any theology at all and you want to make sure I understand a basic term or definition.

please just select 10 word from it.

Sacramentum Mysterion/Mystical

Theology of Religions Exclusivism

Pluralism Inclusivism

Sin Theological Anthropology

Nostra Aetate Grace

Ekklesia (Ecclesiology) apophatic/cataphatic (p. 164)

Short answer questions – Write brief answers in the form of a mini-essay for each question in order to explain your understanding of the topic. Your answers should be more than a sentence or two but it need not be pages of writing.

1) Describe the two ways of knowing we discussed in class after we watched the videos about how the brain works and the small chart of two ways of knowing (the linear mind and the deep mind). How does this cause problems for us we attempt to “understand” theology in contemporary times?

2) Explain how God can be thought of more accurately as a verb rather than a noun.

3) In Himes, chapter two, what is difficult about being human? What is wonderful about being human, and utterly dependent on God?

4) Re-read Himes, chapter seven, and describe sacramental vision or what it means to enjoy the beatific vision.

5) Explain the document Nostra Aetate. Why does this document cause the development of Comparative Theology?

Essay question – Write a longer answer in the form of long form essay.

After a full semester, summarize for me what the title of this course means. Please make sure to include in your answer a description of the mind and two ways of knowing, what theology means, a summary of the Christian theological message, the need for ritual and training, the political ramifications of theology, and the importance of openness to all traditions.

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