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The Synthesis Essay – Joining Conversation

Synthesis writing is not argumentative in nature. This type of academic writing allows you to become knowledgeable on a focused narrowed subject by engaging in current research, and examining various perspectives and opinions. You will analyze your sources’ responses to a research question you have developed and will present those views as a “conversation” between your sources. You will then present your own view of the question, a view that reflects your “wallowing in the complexity” of the issue in order to gain experience working with synthesis.  Synthesis is the ability to create a new whole, your own perspective, by studying alternative views on an issue.  In other words, the “new whole” is your own point of view on an issue, something you will obtain through the combination of analyzing the ideas of others and relating them to one another.

Skills: The purpose of English 111 is to help you develop and practice writing and thinking skills essential to your success in college and in your professional life beyond school. Drawing on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains, we will focus on developing writerly “moves” that characterize strong written communication. This assignment will ask you to practice the following writing skills: Analyzing, Evaluating, and Synthesizing.

Knowledge: This assignment will focus on developing knowledge in the following course learning objectives:

  • (2) Develop and apply strategies for critical reading, critical thinking, and information literacy.
  • (4) Analyze and synthesize researched information to develop and support original claims.
  • (7) Employ correct techniques of style, formatting, and documentation when incorporating quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from sources into compositions.


This paper will build on writing projects you have done previously in the course and will utilize the same topic and research you compiled for the Critical Annotated Bibliography.  You may (and likely will) refocus and revise your guiding research question for this project, but your overall topic should stay the same.  Textual support for this essay will come from The Little Seagull Handbook Chapters W-16 “Reading Strategies,” R-3 “Synthesizing Ideas” and R-4 “Integrating Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism”


1) You will choose five (5) sources from the class core readings to review looking for patterns and common themes reoccurring in these readings.

2) You will then form a focused research question drawn from the core readings

3) Construct a synthesis grid to help you organize the drafting of this essay

4)  From the synthesis grid, construct a two part analytical thesis statement, which explains what current scholars are saying about your topic in the literature and your own developing position on this subject.

5) You will then use the synthesis grid to begin organizing and drafting your initial draft of the Synthesis Essay.


Obesity the silent killer




Analysis of the Article .Escape from the Western Diet by Michael Pollan,

Olga Khazan Why don’t convenience stores sell Better Food

Michael H. Freedman, How junk food can end Obesity

Obesity the silent killer


Marvellous Surajudeen

Department of English, Ivy-tech community college

English 111 OFH

Professor Scott Cook

February 21, 2021






In the ancient time it is known to us by the story we heard that our forefathers only feeds on mostly plant and the author Michael pollan said the same thing. He said to ease the effects of food problem, we should go ecological and use cultural approach. To Dennis Burkett, the English doctor stationed in Africa during world war 11 who gave the western diseases their name, the answer seemed daunting . “The only way we’re going reduce diseases” he said “is to go backwards to the diet and lifestyle of our ancestors”.(Pollan,

2013,p.645) This is only the way forward of death the Americans goes through all because of obesity. This is the healthiest ways to live in our society today. The author Olga Khazan only give his support to eating fruit related as food. Khazan argument gives reason why Americans does gives options to eating fruit as food, he said some have neighborhood that suffer from lack of access to cheap, easy , and healthful options. In such community sickness and death race will be so high as a result of junk food consumption rate within that neighborhood. The author David H. Freedman argues about the only thing making the American people fat is salt and sugar.


The only trace to people sudden death or their strictly chronic diseases is the fact that the substance of things consume is unhealthy. David H. Freedman said “The food they’re cooking is making people sick” (Freedman,2013,p.684).It is one of the reasons that we have obesity and diabetes epidemics that we have we do. If you’re going to let industries decide how much salt, sugar and fat is in your food, they’re going to put [in] as much as they possibly can. They will push those button until we scream or die”. The choice we have to replace Big food’s engineered , edible evil- through public education and regulation-with fresh, unprocessed, local, seasonal, real food. The author knows that the end result of eating the junk food is not going to be good for all of us, the only option that we have is to star eating real food at this stage of our life. The author Michael pollan agree with what Freedman said. Pollan too suggest that people eating western diet are prone to a complex of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer that seldom trike, people eating more traditional diets. The author Olga Khazan didn’t in support with what pollan said, khazan said the reducing obesity shouldn’t be the goal, not an immediate one. He said other than weight loss, there are plenty of advantages of eating well, like preventing some forms of cancer. The author point out that encouraging people to eat good so as to prevent chronic diseases should be the best goal rather that forcing people to shed weight.

Khazan quotes Mike Curtin, who says of the Healthy corners program, “This is not going to end obesity, or diabetes. It’s naïve to think that’s the case. People will avail themselves of this food , but people are still going to eat junk food the author pointed out that organic grocery store is still selling brownies, the author urging that people are to encourage to stop the eating of junk food and the junk food are so convenient for them to get and to eat and even the author David Freedman said that an enormous amount of media space has been dedicated to promoting the notion that all process food, and only process food is making us sickly and overweight(Freedman,2013,p.685). The author summarized that the process at which all the junk food we eat is addicted with fat, sugar and salt which are causing a lot of damages to our body system and this are contributing to obesity crisis. The result of eating junk food can not be shunned or erased.


In conclusion the authors Michael Pollan,, Olga Khazan and David H, Freedman made up their point on the important of eating healthy and the factors that causes the food scarcity and the risk involved in failure to eat healthily. Obesity is a silent killer thereby should be no more. The effect of this junk food is more greater than their benefit. Pollan said [I’d like to propose] three rules- “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”. The author suggests the best way to live healthy and live longer than living ones life in sickness or sudden death.



















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GABRIELA, C. A., MIHAELA, C. D., ANAMARIA, B. A., CORNELIA, P. L., & NICOLETA, R. D. (2018). Junk Food Versus Healthy Food. Agricultural Management / LucrarStiintifice Seria I, Management Agricol, 20(3), 33–38.

JUNK FOOD VERSUS HEALTHY FOOD. By: GABRIELA, CASSIAN ANDRADA; MIHAELA, CASSIAN DENISA; ANAMARIA, BOGAN ALEXANDRA; CORNELIA, PÎRVULESCU LUMINIŢA; NICOLETA, RABA DIANA. Agricultural Management / Lucrari Stiintifice Seria I, Management Agricol. 2018, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p33-38. 6p. Abstract: This paper is a brief study on issues relating to junk food and healthy food. Healthy diet consists in consuming nutritionally balanced foods. Unhealthy diet includes many high processed foods which are rich in calories but low in nutrients. Consuming of junk food is responsible along with other factors such as pollution, stress for increasing of disease risk and obesity. Healthy diet contributes to minimizing the risk of illness. Junk foods contain refined sugar, saturated fats, salt, artificial sweeteners and additives wich are unhealthy for human body. Healty foods are rich in mineral substances, vitamins, antioxidants, fibers, proteins with high biological value, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are important for human health. The manily reasons for which junk food are sometimes preferred is that that they are often cheaper then healty foods and are saled as ready to eat or as conveniences foods that need a little time for cooking or preparing them. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR] (AN: 134395917)

The author of the articles Michael Pollan, Olga Khazan, David, H. Freedman all buttress the danger in eating junk food that it causes chronic sickness like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. Then they propose to eat healthily and it should not be much and it should be mostly plant (Pollan,2008.p.682).

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