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Preparation for Writing a Formal Report


The results section of a formal report is a summary of all the data and observations for the experiment. TYPE a results section for the Recycling of Copper experiment and attach it to this form. This section must be written in complete sentences. However, at least one table must be included (and formatted correctly). Include all experimental data and observations for both trials, including all masses and uncertainties. Also, calculate and include the copper yield (g) and percent recovery (%) for each trial (with uncertainties). Finally, calculate the average, standard deviation, and relative standard deviation of the percent recovery. A complete set of sample calculations must be attached as an Appendix after the results.


Post Lab Questions


1. This experiment was designed so that copper (and its variants) was the limiting reagent in every reaction. Suppose a student misread the directions and only added 0.2000 g of zinc in Part 5. If the student started the experiment with 0.6698 g of copper in Part 1, what would be the maximum possible percent recovery of copper this student could obtain?



2. Evaluate the accuracy and precision of your percent recovery. What sources of error may have impacted your results? Be specific.




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