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The Machinery of Repression in China.

 You will be required to write a three (3) pages typed doubled spaced summary of the supplemental book. The book’s title is Laogai.    
Bullock, Amanda (2009) Laogai: The Machinery of Repression in China. Umbrage.
Read book and watch documentary

Guidelines for Writing a Book Summary
1.Briefly tell what the book is about. Think through what is in the book
from beginning to end, and write a few sentences about the major events
or topics. What was unique or compelling? Those are most likely the important points that should be included in a summary.
2.Do not include everything. Strive for clear, succinct descriptions, and
focus on keeping it short. Including too much information goes against the
entire concept of summarizing.
3.Add your own thoughts and opinions. What did you think about the events or subject matter?
4.Finish with a concluding thought about the book as a whole. Would you
recommend it (or not recommend it) to others?
There are three ways to access the documentary.  The link that reads, “Documentary: Inside Chinese Gulag, the YouTube webpage, and the third, Films on Demand, “Chinese Prison Labor: Inside China’s Gulag can be found on the links below.  

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