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The Integumentary System

Human Disease Lab Series

Systems Affected Integumentary Central Nervous Peripheral Nervous Autonomic Nervous Differential Diagnosis What varying specialties might be involved in this differential diagnostic process and why? Why is this disease confined to a dermatome?The Integumentary System

The SymptomsThis integumentary disease is aviral infection associated with a previous diagnosis of chickenpox and presents with a painful rash confined to a dermatome.


How would you diagnose thisintegumentary disease?What clinical diagnostic aids would you utilize in this process and why?

MisdiagnosisIn some cases, a tissue scraping or culture of the blisters may be analyzed in the laboratory. Why would this occur and what misdiagnoses would this avoid?

The Characteristics

Define the major characteristics associated with this integumentarydisease. Demonstrateat least three of these characteristics in a BioDigital Human model.

Insert BioDigital image of a model associated with a characteristic here .Characteristic I:

Treatment This condition has no cure , however, treatment can be both palliative and effective. Describe treatment methods utilized and detail their pharmaceutical mechanism.

Insert BioDigital image of a model associated with a characteristic here.Characteristic II:

Insert BioDigital image of a model associated with a characteristic here.Characteristic III:

Precautions Are there any lifestyle precautions that can be taken to help avoid this condition ? What are some of the risk factors associated with this disease? Quiz Me Use the Quiz Me feature within BioDigital to test your knowledge on the Integumentary System.Systemic Implications

As mentioned on page 1, this integumentarydisease can affect multiple human systems. List and describe a systemic implication for each of the systems listed above.

NeurologicalMechanismThis integumentary disease is caused by the neurological reactivation of a viral infection. Define this neurological process and explain how the dorsal root ganglion (peripheral nervous system) and the autonomic nervous system are involved.

Create a Disease Tour

Now fully equipped with extensive knowledge regarding this disease and its associated processes, use the BioDigital Create a Tour feature to tell a compelling medical story. You may use any and/or all information within this lab to tell this medical story and create your BioDigital tour.


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