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The importance of collaboration, teamwork and futuristic discovery in healthcare

All written assignment must be formatted in APA using a cover letter, page numbers, running head, and reference page. Student are required to complete this assignment in 5-8 pages paper that illustrates: A proposal toward a new strategic direction, with a strong focus on employee growth. 

Design your proposal in 1250-1400 words, 5-8 double spaced pages with attention to APA. Please use the attached Research Paper Template. Do NOT forget to add you ABSTRACT.

HCA 628 – Signature Assignment-Portfolium Entry

Topic: A proposal toward a new strategic direction, with a strong focus on employee growth

Scenario: Diagnostic Medical INC (DMI), a midsize establishment founded in 2012, is a healthcare organization that specializes in high-end hospital products like diagnostic equipment and hospital products. DMI currently employs 600 people in their main location, located in the Southwestern United States. DMI just hired a new president/CEO; Dr. Lockford Jones for the company who is eager to take the organization to the next level of performance. Dr. Jones’ plan includes to grow the business through entry of more diagnostic equipment into more hospitals. Cultural considerations for this growth strategy include: Passion for innovation, expansion, and growth toward the future in high technology, and collaboration, teamwork and mindset of high-tech discovery.

DMI has been recognized by accreditation agencies as an organization with a track record of high-technological advancements in the field of diagnostic procedures. Financial goals have been diligently reached every year for the last ten years. Dr. Jones feels that the healthcare industry is ready for an expansion in the high-tech diagnosis field and believes the time is now to enter a new phase of marketing. With a new strategic direction in mind, Dr. Jones has recruited you as the new Vice President of Human Resources. You were selected based on your outstanding performance, innovative approach to HR as demonstrated in your former organization, and your goals to action and results. Dr. Jones admires your strategic skills and proven accomplishments.

Dr. Jones is excited to move forward and has requested a proposal from you about your best thinking in aligning the HR function with the new strategic direction. Your job in this signature assignment is to develop a proposal including the following nine strategic considerations for DMI’s future success. DO NOT SKIP ANY OF THE NINE STRATEGIC CONSIDERATIONS. MAKE SURE ALL NINE ARE EASILY IDENTIFIBLE IN YOUR PAPER.

1. The importance of talent acquisition and retention when based on current cultural consideration of DMI.

2. The importance of learning and development of employees

3. The importance of collaboration, teamwork and futuristic discovery in healthcare

4. Organizational effectiveness, innovation and total rewards

5. Diversity and Inclusion

6. Business and Human Resource Strategy

7. Creation of a business case that includes the business objectives you hope to achieve by aligning the HR organization with the new strategic direction, a strong focus on growth.

8. Analysis of legal and ethical considerations related to necessary functional and practical areas.

9. Create 3-5 frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers in preparation for discussion with other members of Dr. Jones’ executive team.

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