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The Future Of Festivals Is The Internet?

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For this assignment, begin by reading the article titled “The Future of Festivals is the Internet” posted here on eLearning.  Be sure to watch the embedded videos as well, to get the full perspective on the reading.  Then, compose a response paper that addresses the following questions:
1) What is your reaction to the article and the methods the producers and artists are using to reach their audience?  Does it appeal to you?  Do you think that it has merit?  Discuss whether you think that this is an effective and impactful use of technology for musicians and fans.  Defend your opinion.   
2) What do you see as some of the strengths and weaknesses of the internet, streaming services and the digital age for musicians?   Has it helped or hurt the ability for artists to gain fame and make money doing their craft?  Be sure to give both sides of the argument and cite sources and/or examples to make your case. 
3) Lastly, where do you see the trends of music creation and appreciate going next?  What is the next direction or angle that technology could provide for musicians?   
Your assignment should be approximately 1-2 pages and include proper spelling, grammar and use of citations (in other words, if it’s not your own words, use quotation marks and cite your sources!).  


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