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The Early History Of Correctional Thought And Practice

Please cite an in-text of the book for the class:   

Clear, T., Cole, G., & Reisiig, M. (2013). American Corrections. (11th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. 

Use one to two additional credible sources.

Cite your references.

Please read Chapter 2 and respond to the following Critical Thinking Questions. You will also respond to 2 of your peers:

In what ways have changes in the socialeconomic, and political environment of society been reflected in correctional policies? How do you suppose that the developments discussed in this chapter eventually brought about the separation of children from others in the prison system? How have the interests of administrators and the organizations they manage distorted the ideals of penal reformers?

When responding to a student’s post, be sure to use and address the following:

Terms and Definitions from the chapter

Information from each section of the chapters referencing socialeconomic, and the political environment.

The Creation of the Juvenile Justice System

Penal Reform

Your responses should reach beyond a simple “I agree with what you are saying.” Please use the following to begin your post when responding to your peers:

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