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Teacher Interview And Observation On Lesson Plan Implementation

Questions for Teacher Observation on Lesson Implementation


Observe a teacher implementing a lesson. Describe the setting, the age/grade level(s), the general make-up of the students, and the content area. Use the following questions as a guide. Include a summary of your impressions.


0. What evidence do you see or notice that the teacher has created a plan for this lesson?


0. Does the teacher communicate the objectives and expectations of the lesson to the students? Is so, how?


0. How does the teacher gain the students’ attention for the lesson?


0. Are students working individually, in pairs, or groups? If so, describe these activities.


0. Do the activities address different learning styles and the differentiated needs of all students? If so, how?


0. Did the teacher utilize any technology tools or resources to support the instruction?


0. What evidence of classroom management strategies do you notice?


0. How do the students respond to the lesson?


0. How does the teacher address any problems that arise during the lesson?


0. Has the teacher included an assessment activity? If so, describe it.


11. What other evidence do you note that students are learning the concepts of the lesson?

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