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Topic 6 Final Assessment: Study Guide


The Topic 6 Final Assessment covers material from Topics 1-5. Please review your notes, “The Writing Process” media piece, and Course Materials for each Topic. To help you prepare, answer the following questions:

Topic 1

1. What is information literacy? What are the categories? What are the elements included?

2. What are some ways to contact the library for assistance?

3. What are some different brainstorming methods? Why is brainstorming important?

4. What is an expository essay?

5. What is a peer-reviewed journal article? Why is it important?

6. What are some types of credible resources to use for academic research?

7. What is a permalink?

Topic 2

8. Why are in-text citations important?

9. What information should be included on a reference page?

10. What are first, second, and third person point of views? Which is most appropriate for academic writing?

11. In what circumstances should you use the SHREK and PORPE test taking techniques? What does each letter represent?

Topics 3-5

12. What is a thesis statement?


13. Where should a thesis statement appear in an essay?

14. What are the components of a strong thesis statement?

15. What is an example of an effective thesis statement? Why is it effective?

16. What is an example of an ineffective thesis statement? Why is it ineffective?

17. What should you look for in a source when evaluating for credibility?

18. What is the order of a five paragraph essay?

19. What are some strategies used for organizing information?

20. What is a topic sentence?

21. Why are transitions sentences needed in an essay?

22. Why is a rubric important? Where is an assignment rubric located?

23. What are the parts to a thesis statement?

24. What are subtopics?

25. How do in-text citations relate to reference citations?


26. What are some components of effective communication?

27. What is the appropriate language to use in the DQ forums?

28. Are consequences different for accidental and purposeful plagiarism?

29. How can a thesaurus help your writing?

30. What is a hook sentence?

31. What does parallel structure refer to in writing?


32. What is bias?

33. What is GCU Style?


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