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Sexual Tolerance: The Times They Are A’changing

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Title of Work

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The abstract is the second section of your paper. To arrive at a new page, insert page break after

completing the title page. Type the word Abstract, should be typed in Times New Roman, 12

point font and centered at the top of the page. The title of your paper should appear as a heading

in all caps on the second and subsequent pages; the words, Running head should appear only on

the title page, and page numbers should be added to the heading to appear on the top right side of

each page. When formatting the heading, click on the box that indicates a different first page, as

only the first page has the words, Running head: with your title, without the page number, and

the remaining pages have just the title (in caps) and the page numbers. The abstract should be a

brief (150-250 word) summary of your paper in a single paragraph, double-spaced. Although the

first line of each paragraph in the body of your paper will be indented, the first line of the

abstract is not indented. You may want to add keywords to your abstract. To do this, indent as

you would if starting a new paragraph, enter the word Keywords: then list your key words.

Keywords: APA format, headings, style





Title of Work

The next section of your paper is the Body of the Paper. The body should be typed in

Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, with the first line of each paragraph indented.

At the top of the page, type the title of the paper in the center of the page, using capitals on all

words more than three letters. The title should not be bolded, underlined or italicized. Include

and properly cite sources of information that is either paraphrased or quoted directly. In-text

citations that are direct quotes must include the author’s last name, publication year and page

number of the passage. The direct quotation should be in quotation marks or in an indented

paragraph if more than 40 words in length. If you paraphrase a source passage, then cite the

source by author and publication year. The inclusion of citations gives credit to the original

source of the information, and adds credibility to your paper. Refer to Table 6.1 in the

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2010) as a helpful guide

for including citations with multiple authors. The APA (2010, p.177) guides scholars to, “order

the citations of two or more works within the same parentheses alphabetically in the same order

in which they appear in the reference list.” Sometimes, organizations are the author of a

publication (such as the American Psychological Association).

There are many rules that apply to the style in which your paper is to be written.

Typically, scholarly work is written in the third person. A balanced and objective review of the

literature supports your position on an issue, and provides the context for additional study.

Chapters 3 and 4 in the APA manual (APA, 2009) are excellent resources for students to

organize their paper, and effectively apply the style guidelines for abbreviations, capitalizations,

italics, spelling, punctuation, and writing numbers in text.





A concluding paragraph provides a summary of the paper’s findings and

recommendations for further study or review. Insert a page break to arrive at a new page and

type the word References at the top center of the next page. References are listed in alphabetical

order by author, and are double-spaced with hanging indent. This can be achieved by setting the

paragraph format to indent—hanging. List only those references that are cited in the body of the







American Psychological Association (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological

Association (6th Ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

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