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Sex Offenses Matrix

Sex Offenses MatrixCPSS/405 Version 22

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Sex Offenses Matrix

Complete the matrix below. Each box of the matrix (with the exception of the boxes in row 2) should include a 50- to 75-word response.

RapeChild MolestationExhibitionismSex Trafficking
List the distinguishing factors that qualify each crime as a sexual offense.
Rank these offenses from least to most offensive. (1 being least offensive, 4 being most offensive.)
Note whether each offense is a misdemeanor or felony according to your state.
Describe the range of punishments for each crime.
State whether psychological treatment should be part of the punishment for these crimes. Explain your answer.
Explain the history or evolution of legal statutes that have affected the punishments for these crimes. Provide an example.

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