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Self Defense and Insanity Defense

Self Defense and Insanity Defense

Fiona Frybush is tired of the rat race so she joins the Blue Moon Temple of the Sun, a cult headquartered in Greasy Corner, Arkansas. She gives up all of her possessions and lives in a big house with the group. Fiona’s husband Ed is beside himself and hires a deprogrammer to get Fiona back. The deprogrammer tries to grab Fiona as she is leaving the local grocery store but Fiona, thinking he is trying to kill her, swings around with a large jar of peas and hits him over the head. The deprogrammer dies from his injuries.

The law firm where you work is defending Fiona in a criminal case. Your supervising attorney wants you to locate on point cases for two defenses, self-defense and insanity, so that she is well prepared to present her case to a judge. The attorney asks you to prepare a document listing at least one case law citation that supports each of the two defenses, brief each case and outline the important findings and outcomes.

Complete the assignment as a legal memorandum from you, the paralegal, to me, your supervising attorney.

 On a separate page, cite all sources using the Bluebook style.

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