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Quality Assurance And Control

 CRJ 630 Discussion 1:::::::::::::::::: Quality Assurance and  Control Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 4 and 5 in the  textbook.  The ideas of quality assurance and control can often appear quite clear  and salient with respect to corporations and private businesses.  However, rarely does one hear direct conversation about these concepts  concerning the functions of law enforcement and corrections. It almost  seems like a misnomer to hear of “quality assurance and control” when  discussing aspects of a law enforcement or correctional organization.  Despite the fact that it might appear on the surface as though issues of  quality assurance and control are absent from law enforcement and  corrections, the opposite is actually true.  Law enforcement and correctional agencies spend a great deal of time and  money devising innovative plans to offer a better product to the  general public. Programs such as community policing and problem-oriented  policing are but two mechanisms through which law enforcement leaders  have attempted to increase quality in their organizations. Within  correctional organizations, programs aimed at mental health treatment,  work programs, and educational offerings have been created in an effort  to provide a better quality product.  Based on your required readings, examine how the concepts of quality  assurance and control are addressed in a law enforcement or correctional  organization of your choice. In your post, identify your chosen  organization. Explain the issues pertaining to budgetary considerations  and how those affect communication, ethics, and coordination. Analyze  how the respective organization’s leaders ensured that their agency  provided a quality product to the general public. In addition, provide  an example of how a law enforcement agency or correctional organization  failed to provide a quality product. Describe what the agency did, or  failed to do, to ensure quality control and assurance.  Your initial post should be at least 400 words in length 

 CRJ 630 DISCUSSION 2:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Benchmarking Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 5 in the  textbook in addition to the Ridgeway (2014) article.  The practice of benchmarking has been defined as, “a structured approach  for identifying the best practices from industry and government, and  comparing and adapting them to the organization’s operations” (Doss,  2012). Benchmarking and the noting of best practices by leaders and  policy makers within the fields of law enforcement and corrections can  be essential for a host of financial purposes. Organizational grants are  often based on benchmarks as are policy development and training  practices.  Carefully consider the information provided in your required sources for  this discussion and include the following elements in your initial  post:  Explain how a SWOT analysis would enable a law enforcement or  correctional agency to better benchmark itself against other similar  organizations. Explain the ways a SWOT analysis would contribute to an agency’s  strategic plan. Analyze the ramifications of a SWOT analysis and benchmarking for an  organization’s budgetary requirements. Your initial post should be at least 400 words in length. 

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