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Executive Summary – One or two paragraphs – What did you do? Why did you do it? What did you find out?

I. Introduction and Statement of the Problem – Can the RK EOS recover data from a polar substance like water? Why would this be important

II. Experimental or Computational Methods – Describe your system and include dimensions. Include the equations that you will use and define all variables and units. If experimental, take a picture of your experimental set-up, download the image and paste it here. Provide titles, labels and or legends for all figures shown.

What are your computational or experimental procedures?

III. Results and Discussion – Include +- in all numbers measured or calculated. Cleary cite sources and clearly state any assumptions used. If computational, compare to experimental values. If experimental, compare to theory or computations.

IV. Conclusions – Be brief.

V. References – Cite any references here in alphabetical order (cite by author and year). Do not cite URL’s – use the scholarly web.

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