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Power and System


“Power and System”  Read Chapter 1 in the text book and respond to ONE  of the following Main Discussion Questions:

An accurate definition of the current International Relations (IR) system and how power is distributed is crucial in forming a sound foreign policy.

  • Chapter 1 discusses the way global politics works by using several different theories of international systems to explain it. Political scientists have categorized several different ways in which power is distributed among world states (or countries).  These systems include:
    Multipolar, Unipolar, Counterweight, Stratified, and Globalized.
    In your discussion, choose one of these systems and explain its strong points and its weak points. Does it describe todays current global system? Give an example of this system.
  • or

  • Read the sections in the text on the durability of states (countries) and their sovereignty.  If countries have the right to be sovereign states, what rights do other countries have to intervene and impose their will on them? Pick an example from these many reasons that powerful countries give to intervene and take collective action against genocide, terrorism, disease, poverty, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction. Explain when and why you think a country is justified in intervening in the affairs of another sovereign state. Give an example.

STUDENTS: Answer only 1 of the two main discussion questions above, then write your second reply to another student or to any of my comments, questions and videos posted throughout the week in the discussion thread.
Please read my Discussion Grading Rubric first
 You will soon find out that I like to add video news clips to the weekly discussions to bring world news and politics to home. I encourage you to watch my news clip videos and comment on them. I also hope you will listen to, or read, the international news and keep up with current events in foreign affairs, as this is always relevant to our class.

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