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Planning For Emergency Disaster Mangement

Question 1

Hazard identification and risk assessment

After completing this week’s readings, prepare a response that explains the role of hazard identification and risk assessment in emergency preparedness and planning. Include reference citations formatted using APA Style.

Question 2

Think about challenges to maintaining a realistic understanding of risk and implementing hazard mitigation and infrastructure protection in a community or organization. Prepare a short essay (approximately 250 words) describing one challenge and potential means to address the challenge.

Question 3

After completing this week’s readings, review at least one of the sample hazard mitigation plans provided. Review especially the risk assessment and mitigation strategies sections. Summarize the hazards addressed and the types of mitigation projects that are included in the plan. Also address the role of DMA2K in local and state hazard mitigation planning.

Question 4

prepare a post in your own words that explains why hazard mitigation plans are often considered the most technical types of plans in emergency management. Include at least one example of technical or scientific content. Include reference citations formatted using APA Style.

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