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Pediatric Case 6: Eva Madison (Complex)

Guided Reflection Questions

Opening Questions

How did the simulated experience of Eva Madison’s case make you feel?

Describe the actions you felt went well in this scenario.


Scenario Analysis Questions[footnoteRef:1] [1: The Scenario Analysis Questions are correlated to the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies: Patient-Centered Care (PCC), Teamwork and Collaboration (T&C), Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), Quality Improvement (QI), Safety (S), and Informatics (I). Find more information at:]

EBP List in order of priority your initial nursing actions identified for Eva Madison based on physical findings and family interaction.

EBP When initiating a fluid bolus for a dehydrated child, what type of fluid should be given and why?

EBP What complications might Eva Madison face if her symptoms are not recognized and treated in a timely manner?

PCC What measures should be initiated to decrease anxiety in Eva Madison’s mother while simultaneously caring for Eva?

S/QI Reflect on ways to improve safety and quality of care based on your experience with Eva Madison’s case.

S/QI What infection control measures should be taken in this case and why?

T&C/I What key elements would you include in the handoff report for this patient? Consider the situation-background-assessment-recommendation (SBAR) format.

Concluding Questions

Reflecting on Eva Madison’s case, were there any actions you would do differently? If so, what were these actions, and why would you do them differently?

Describe how you would apply the knowledge and skills you obtained in Eva Madison’s case to an actual patient care situation.

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