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Name __________________________________ Activity 22

Weather Maps

1. Which station has the lowest pressure?

Station A Station B Station C Station D

2. How would you describe the wind at Station B?

3. Which station is recording the highest wind speed?

Station A Station B Station C Station D

4. What is the wind speed from question #3?

5. What is the wind direction from question #3?

6. Which station has the highest pressure?

Station A Station B Station C Station D

7. What kind of front is south of Station A?

8. Which station has the most cloud cover?

Station A Station B Station C Station D

9. What is the cloud cover at Station A?

10. How might the temperature change at Station C over the next few hours?

11. Why?

12. What is the temperature at Station C?

US Weather Map

1) Use data from the Internet to construct a United States weather map for today.

2) Construct your weather map on the map provided. (Use correct symbols on the map).

Websites to use:









The weather map below represents the weather conditions across the United States for the following date _____________

Hurricane Ivan

The NOAA advisories for Hurricane Ivan from 2 September thru 6 September, 2004 are listed below:

On the accompanying map, plot the position of Hurricane Ivan at each of the 5 bold faced advisories. Label each point with the advisory number, and connect the points with a smooth line.

Based upon the data table and/or the map, make and write down 3 observations about the Hurricane Ivan.




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