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Measurements and Microscopes


BSC 2010L Asynchronous Week Midterm Study Guide


Lab 1 – Measurements and Microscopes

● Conversions ● Density and Volume Displacement ● Compound Microscopes vs. Dissecting Microscopes ● Wet Mount Slides ● Depth of Field / Field of View ● Magnification ● Other Relevant Topics

Your notes can be written in whatever format you believe is clearest (bullet points, T-charts,

brief paragraphs etc.) but each lab should consist of roughly 2 pages of notes minimum. Length

will vary based on note format so it may be more helpful to think of this in terms of amount of

time this should take. This assignment is intended to take the place of our in-person class

meeting and should take you roughly the same amount of time as a typical lab might. You should

spend approximately 2 hours creating notes for your section in order to make sure they are

complete and accurate. This study guide is what you and your group members will use to study

for the midterm, so if you miss any important information, you will lose points. Please be

thorough. Notes MUST be in your own words. Simply copying and pasting from lab

materials or the internet will be considered plagiarism. If you are copying images, figures,

etc make sure to note where those were pulled from to avoid plagiarism. Notes should be typed

and organized in “Word-Document” format.

Be advised that if your notes are unclear, incomplete, lacking in accuracy, or insufficient in

length that you will not receive full points on this assignment. This assignment is worth 20

points, but it is to your own benefit to complete it as detailed as possible, since this content will

form the basis for your midterm exam, which is worth nearly ¼ of your grade for this class at

230 points.

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