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Lung comparisons: Surface anatomy including lobes, numbers of each, fissures, right vs left

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 Lung comparisons: Surface anatomy including lobes, numbers of each, fissures, right vs left


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The Lungs are a conchial organ that have a concave base thats rests on the diaphragm and an apex that rises slightly above the clavicle. When lungs expand, they pull air into the body- but when the lungs compress, they expel carbon dioxide. The lobes of our lungs are covered in a membrane called the pleura and each lung has its own pleura sac. By each lung having its own pleura membrane, if one lung is punctured, the other is still able to continue working (Bradford, A. 2018). The Lungs are a very important part of the respiratory system but there are many differences between the right and left lung.

Since the liver rises higher on our right, the right lung is shorter and has three lobes which are the superior, middle and inferior lobes. The right lung contains two fissures- the horiziontal fissure seperates the superior and middle lobes and the the oblique fissure seperates the middle lobe from the inferior lobe (Saladin, et al, 2020). The main bronchus (from which the bronchial tree extends- a system of air tubes) is also on the right. This bronchus is larger than the left bronchus, often resulting in food or foreign objects becoming lodged in it (Saladin, et al, 2020). 

The left lung is taller than the right lung, but more narrow because the heart occupies more space on the left side, resulting in the heart tilting aganist the left lung. The indentation where the heart presses against the left lung can be seen from a medial view and is called the cardiac impression (Saladin, et al, 2020). Unlike the right lung, the left ung only has two lobes- the superior and inferior lobes. The left lung also only has one fissure called the oblique fissure which seperates the two lobes. The left main bronchus is also more narrow and than the right and gives off two bronchi to the two lobes of the left lung (Saladin, et al, 2020).

Saladin, S, K. Anatomy and Physiology; The Unity of Form and Function. McGraw-Hill Education, (2020).

Bradford, A. Lungs:Facts, Functions, Diseases. LiveScience, (Feb, 2,2018).

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