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Lung Cancer Rehabilitation

I have first paper for research and I need to choose article for rehabilitation for respiratory care and then I will share 1st paper with dr and then continues the research with you (  I need to write for lung cancer rehabilitation  )

Complete a review of one evidence based (peer reviewed) journal article from the journal: Respiratory Care that follows the guidelines of the attached form. Use AMA format.

The topic should relate to the paper you are completing for the course. The required length is a minimum of 1 page. In addition, attach a pdf copy of the full article (available through the CINAHL database).

This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.CriteriaLevel 33 pointsLevel 22 pointsLevel 11 pointAnalysis of Findings

Paraphrases the analysis of findings and gives a comprehensive view of the results.

Only gives a portion of the findings.

Does not give an accurate analysis of the findings.

/ 3AMA format

Uses AMA format for the reference and throughout the article review.

Uses AMA format for the reference but not in the article review.

AMA format is incomplete in the reference.

/ 3Criterion 3

Grammar, spelling and structure is excellent. (2 mistakes or less)

more for dr write 

note importemt 

Literature Review Paper

Purpose: develop skills in reviewing and reporting on literature relating to the evidence based practice of Cardio-Respiratory Care.

·  Choose a topic related to the practice of Cardio-Respiratory Care.

·  Do a literature review of peer-reviewed journals such as Respiratory Care, Chest, etc.

o  Report on at least 5 evidence based articles (not editorials or abstracts).

·  Write a summary of your findings in a formal paper, in AMA format. Include the following:

o  Cover page

o  Introduction

o  Body of paper with headings

o  Summary

o  References

·  Use double spacing, Times New Roman font 12, and 1 inch margins

·  Use good grammar and spelling, and avoid plagiarism

o  Paraphrase or quote sources, be sure to cite source at least once per paragraph with superscript number that relates to the reference list.

o  Incomplete references are not acceptable, and will result in a grade of zero

o  University policy on plagiarism will apply

·  Give a note to tell my class mate for presentation of your paper to the class.

Grade: Up to 100 points

Due: Sunday 

plz follow what you write for 1st summary you write to me 

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