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large box retailer is implementing a new learning and development


A large box retailer is implementing a new learning and development (L&D) software program in their organization. The existing software program is a simple system run by a small team of content designers and trainers, whereas the new program will require highly specializing programming and coding skills outside of the current skill set of the team. Once implemented, the software will require ongoing support from someone with specific and unique coding capabilities. Coding may require a quick turnaround time to keep the system and the connected pieces of training running smoothly.

Assignment Details:

In a short response, address the following criteria:

1. Recommend an implementation strategy for the new L&D program at the large box retailer.

· Which approach would you recommend? Choose one of these options.

· Should the retailer upskill its talent through training and development?

· Should the retailer hire new talent that can run the program?

· Should the retailer outsource the program to a company that already has the talent?

· Why did you choose the approach you selected?

2. With this thought process in mind, think about the company you have chosen for your project. What do you recommend it do to increase its revenue or market share?

· What skills, facilities, products, and services will the company need to capitalize on the identified opportunity?

· Determine whether the company will need to buy, build, or ally with another company, and explain why.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit a Word document using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. This assignment should be 2 pages in length and include references cited in APA format.

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