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Justice Administration And Practices

This 3850-5950 word final paper will contain three distinctive parts and each distinctive part will touch upon the four writing prompts below:

  • An analysis of the success and failures of the American criminal justice system with regard to their crime fighting and prevention efforts.
  • An interpretation of the roles of police, courts, and corrections in the total criminal justice process.
  • An analysis of the impact new technology has had in the U.S. criminal justice system, including the increased reliance on forensics, modern communication and computers and how they have changed law enforcement, the courts, and the corrections process.
  • An assessment of budgetary influences to criminal justice in a declining economy when other governmental agencies and services are competing for limited financial resources.

The first part of this research paper should be 1750-2450 words and include a literature review of justice administration and practices. This review will be a summary and analysis of selected academic journal articles, government reports, websites, and class book chapters related to these topics, and include all facets of police, court, and corrections operations and administration. Popular magazines and articles will not be allowed unless previously approved by the professor. This literature review should focus on traditional criminological theory utilizing the most current information (past 5 -10 years), be thorough in its coverage of the topic, and include at least 5 references.

The second part of the research paper should be completed in 1400-1750 words and specifically address contemporary criminal justice issues (e.g. international terrorism, drug trafficking, and changing demographics in society). Additionally; you will assess the importance of these issues in relation to personnel and administrative challenges.

The third part of this paper addresses the future of the criminal justice process and be 350-700 words in length. This should also include an assessment of the cultural changes of society from the perspective of generational and demographic changes from those who serve in and those who are served by the system.

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