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 How could business conditions change


In this course, the learner-faculty check-in assignments will be used for discussing the Milestone One, Milestone Two, and project guidelines. These are private conversations between you and your instructor, and you are encouraged to deeply explore the concepts presented. Be sure to reach out to your instructor so that any concerns and questions are addressed prior to when Milestone Two is due. In Milestone Two, you will create a strategic plan for the implementation of an IoT innovation. Discuss your progress and concerns with your instructor through this submission.

Assignment Details:

In this mentor-focused check-in, look at the  Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric  and have an asynchronous discussion with your instructor regarding the points listed below. 

Share your understanding of the guidelines to be followed for Milestone Two. Consider the following questions:

1. Do you feel comfortable completing the Power BI aspects of Milestone Two?

2. What are your current thoughts on your recommendations for a strategic plan?

· What are your current thoughts on competitors’ relative strengths in the marketplace?

3. Describe some of the ways the company from the course scenario could adjust if business conditions change.

· How could business conditions change?

· How could the company change its strategic plan?

If you have any questions or require additional support, clearly communicate your needs to your instructor.


This assignment requires you to write a minimum of 2 pages. Needs to read for at minimum 3-5 minutes long.


Milestone Two Guidelines


Using the recommendation that you provided in Milestone One, you will develop a strategy to implement the innovation and get ahead in the marketplace.


You work as a middle manager for one of the top U.S. producers of luxury and mass-market automobiles and trucks. You are now leading a cross-functional team to move forward with the company initiative. To remain a viable competitor and meet the demands of consumers’ desire for technology, the company’s chief technology officer (CTO) has decided to implement the internet of things (IoT) into its product line.

In Milestone One, you and your cross-functional team looked at risks and benefits of each innovation option, competitors in the market, and the company’s internal capability for moving forward with the innovation. After doing this analysis, you presented your recommendation to various stakeholders about how to proceed. You chose one of the following:

A. Design a completely new product line, based on the recent technology (discontinuous innovation)


B. Add recent technology features into one model and then incrementally into the broader product line (incremental innovation)

The CTO has accepted your recommendation. Now you are ready to develop a strategy for taking the innovation to market. In order to develop a strategy, you will need to look at your competitors’ relative strengths in the current marketplace, to understand how the company compares to your competitors, and to identify the total market and the market’s annual growth rate. Finally, you also need to share your thoughts on how to respond to changes in business conditions. Although no one can predict what is going to happen, it is important to think about how flexible your plan is in order to meet unexpected conditions.


Using the recommendation you provided in Milestone One, develop a strategic plan to implement the innovation and gain competitive advantage. Use the Sales ForecastComparative Growth Data and Comparative Operating Statistics to complete this milestone.

Strategic Plan

1. Analyze the competitors’ relative strengths in the marketplace.

· Write a short paragraph describing the growth rate of each competitor. You will get the solution from the comparative growth data sheet.

· How much of the market does each competitor now own? Do you see a trend of gaining or losing market share? Present your findings using Power BI.

· Perform your analysis for the cars and trucks category. Create pie charts using columns C and F from the comparative growth Excel sheet in Power BI.

· Perform your analysis for the connected cars and trucks category. Create pie charts using columns H and K from the comparative growth Excel sheet in Power BI.

· Determine each competitor’s financial strength by looking at their comparative operating data.

2. Explain how your company’s market share compares to your competitors’.

· Is your company gaining or losing market share? Expand on the analysis done in Task 1 above and explain the major factors behind the change in market share.

· What is your company’s growth potential in the industry?

· How do your company’s financials look compared to your competitors’?

3. Identify future potential total available market (TAM) and growth for each chosen product/service and technology.

· What is the TAM for cars and light trucks?

· What is the TAM for IoT-connected cars and light trucks

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