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Guidelines on Screening Procedures


Discussion: Guidelines on Screening Procedures

The goal of health promotion and education is to help prevent disease in patients. However, this is not always successful, and disease it not always preventable. With disease, early detection is ideal, often making screening procedures a routine part of clinical care. Unfortunately, many patients do not utilize these health services. This can be attributed to lack of awareness or access to care, financial concerns, or even levels of comfort with health care providers. In your role as the advanced practice nurse, you must be aware of potential obstacles for patients and implement strategies to ensure patients receive necessary screenings. Although a variety of screening procedures are recommended for women at various stages of life, not all screenings are appropriate for all patients. Understanding the strengths and limitations of each screening, as well as current guidelines for use is essential to effectively facilitate patient care. For this Discussion, the course Instructor will assign a specific topic for you to research.

To prepare:

·        Review this week’s media presentation, as well as Chapter 6 of the Tharpe et al. text and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services article in the Learning Resources.

·        Research guidelines on screening procedures for the topic assigned to you (Heart Disease) by the course Instructor .

·        Reflect on strengths and limitations of the screening guidelines.

·        Consider how the guidelines might support your clinical decision making.

By Day 3

Post  at least 250 words. APA format thoroughly explaining the following. (no introduction or conclusion )

1 an explanation of the guidelines on screening procedures for the topic assigned to you.(Heart disease in women)

2. Include an explanation of strengths and limitations of the guidelines.

 3. Then, explain how the guidelines might support your clinical decision making

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