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The PACE system standing for  Fungus Hack Pulsed Acoustic Cellular Expression involves the delivery of high energy acoustic pressure waves within the shockwave spectrum which works on the cells and tissues in a number of ways. The pressure waves produce compressive and tensile stresses on cells and tissue structures that promote angiogenic responses positive inflammatory response which trigger the healing cascade within the area. Arteriogenesis then occurs where microcirculatory and revascularization improvements help increase arterial vessel diameter. 

These processes together help the regeneration of tissue musculoskeletal and vascular structures. The PACE system initiates a faster triggering of the healing response which can help turn chronic conditions into more acute conditions where the increased response to healing would be beneficial in the body resolving the condition.Fish pedicures are one of the new fastest growing beauty treatments. Fish pedicures involve small toothless carp eating away the dead skin around feet. Recently it has come under scrutiny from health experts and animal rights campaigners.

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