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Financial Mortgage Assignment

Loan Application Process

Assessment cover sheet

In order for your assessment to be marked you must complete and upload all tasks and this cover sheet via the Training Group portal. Your assessment tasks must be uploaded in an electronic format i.e. Word, Excel, PDF or Scan. A maximum of five (5) attachments (maximum 20MB each) can be uploaded for this assessment. Please see the step-by-step instructions in your Member Area on how to upload assessments.

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When you upload your assessment you will be asked to confirm that your assessment submissionto AAMC Training is your own work and NOT the result of plagiarism or excessive collaboration, and that all material used from any third party has been identified and referenced appropriately. AAMC Training may conduct independent evaluation checks and contact your supervisor to discuss your assessment.

Checklist of attachments:

☐ Task 1 – Case Study ☐ A OR ☐ B

☐ Task 2 – Report/Written Test

☐ Task 3 – Report/Written Test

☐ Task 4 – Activity and Short Answers

Please indicate style of course undertaken:

☐ Face to face Trainer’s name:      

☐ Correspondence ☐ Online

Once your assessment has been successfully uploaded it will be pending review with your nominated course assessor. Your assessor will mark your assessment and you will receive an email advising you if you have been assessed as satisfactory. If you are marked as not yet satisfactory you will be contacted and asked to provide additional information or re-visit the assessment and re-upload your amended case study or written tasks.

Please contact our head office if you need assistance with your assessment: Office: +61 8 9344 4088 Fax: +61 8 9344 4188 Email:


CREDIT TRANSFERYou may be able to claim credit transfer for a unit/s of competency that you have previously completed with AAMC Training or another RTO. If you have been awarded a record of result or statement of attainment for any of the units detailed below then please go to the Credit Transfer tab in your Learning Centre and follow the prompts.This assessment relates to the following units of competency:· FNSFMB401 Prepare loan application on behalf of finance or mortgage broking clients;· FNSFMB402 Identify client needs for broking services· FNSFMB403 Present broking options to client· FNSINC402 Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of products and services used by an organisation or sector· FNSFMB501 Settle applications and loan arrangements in the finance and mortgage broking industry· FNSCUS501 Develop and nurture relationships with clients, other professionals and third party referrers.· FNSCRD301 Process applications for credit (this unit is only applicable to those completing the Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking FNS40815 course).Please refer to AAMC Training’s full Recognition Policy for further details.

IMPORTANT NOTES: AAMC Training only wants to see your own work. Please do not upload blank assessment tasks or instructions on how to complete same. When this extra information is uploaded it presents unnecessary work for the assessors and in turn delays our assessment responses.

Task 1: You will notice that there are two options of Case Study within this assessment – the first (A) is more specifically for Mortgage Brokers, the second (B) for brokers in the Plant & Equipment and Motor Vehicle field. Please complete only the stream relevant to you and indicate this on the assessment cover sheet.

Either the Mortgage Finance or Motor Vehicle Equipment Checklist must be submitted with the fully completed assessment. This must encompass all documents from initial contact with the clients until settlement of the loan. Documents must be submitted in a suitable logical order and consist of all relevant NCCP documents.

The documentation required should be consistent for all submissions, however student submissions will vary in regards to outcomes based on the interpretation of the data and “client” responses during the interview process.

Task 4: You are required to have a third party to observe this role play in a simulated environment. You will need to provide the observer/third party declarer with the role play guidelines and marking/sign-off sheets to ensure they are fully conversant with what is being asked of them.

Task 1: Case Study – Loan application preparation

You will notice that there are two options of Case Study within this assessment – the first (A) is more specifically for Mortgage Brokers, the second (B) for brokers in the Plant & Equipment and Motor Vehicle field. Please complete only the stream relevant to you and indicate this on the assessment cover sheet.

Choosing only one of the case studies presented below, prepare a loan file from your initial contact with the clients to preparing the loan application for lodgement with the client’s lender of choice, through to settlement. Please refer to the document checklists in this Task for the relevant steps required.

In completing this task, you need to demonstrate to your assessor that you are competent in the following areas and able to:

· communicate ideas and information

· collect, analyse and organise information

· plan and organise activities

· work with others in a team

· use mathematical ideas and techniques

· solve problems by providing solutions

· use technology.

To do this you will need to compile a report (Client Needs Review/Fact Find) indicating your thoughts and processes on different aspects of your application. These may include, but are not limited to:

· the choice of loan product for your client and the information about the loan product that you presented to them. Where you located the product information. Remember there is no right/wrong answer to this area, it is always subjective.

· the use of technology to compare the product/fees, find information on the products etc.

· how you would work in a team situation with your co-workers, lenders, real estate agents, mentor etc.

In areas where you do not have copies of actual supporting documentation, insert a page with the name of the document you would include e.g. copy of driver’s licence for the client.

There are a number of templates in the Member’s Area under ‘Useful Resources’ that you could use in your submission.

Remember there is no right or wrong answer as each client you see presents a new challenge and if you can provide solutions for those challenges you will be well regarded and successful in this industry.

Because this course is taken nationally, we ask that you localise addresses and places of employment so that you can have familiarity with the assessment.

You will have to take into account any necessary adjustment of stamp duty concessions for first home buyers. This will have to be considered when discussing and setting out the fees and costs with your clients. You will have to contact your Office of State Revenue to determine the correct amount of benefits to which your clients are entitled.


Case study A (Residential mortgage)


Henry Leslie from Leslie Accounting Services has referred you his clients Frederick John and Margaret Anne Everybody. He has mentioned that they are looking to purchase their first home. Whilst in their early ‘40s, they have previously not owned a home due to the husband being an engineer with the Australian Defence Forces. Because of this and constant moving they really weren’t in a position to buy in one location. Frederick has since left the services and has been working with BHP Billiton on their mining projects. This entails working on a ‘two weeks on, one week off’ basis. Frederick enjoys an annual income, paid monthly, of $115,000 with a subsidised rent when on location on the job.

Margaret works at the local council child care centre on a permanent/part time basis and earns $29,000 annually, paid weekly. She is a qualified nurse.

They have two children. Joshua, 18, is employed fulltime, lives at home and pays $75.00 per week board. Melanie, 13, is in her first year at high school and is dependent on her parents.

Currently the couple is renting in a suburb near you and paying $420.00 per week to the local Ray White real estate office. Due to diligent saving and being beneficiaries of a family deceased estate they find 

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