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Experiment 3A: Crystalistalization

How to approach a lab write up for EXP 3A


Date (of experiment)


Title of experiment: (as listed in manual/handout)


Purpose or Aim: This says exactly what the goal of the experiment is. It may consist of one or more parts. Based on what is stated in the procedure, you should have a very good idea as to what the point of the experiment is. Explicitly and briefly state all in this section. (3 points)


Examples: 1. To recrystallize an impure sample of benzoic acid; 2. To determine the melting point of salicylic acid


Introduction: This explains the theory behind the experiment. Give some general background as to what the experiment is about. Include definitions of any key concepts that are an important part of the experiment.. (10 points)

This approach can be applied across all topics being covered.


Materials: List glassware, chemicals and equipment/instrumentation used in the experiment.

(5 points)


Pre-Lab Calculations (pg. 22): (5 points)


Procedure: Write a step by step procedure of the experiment as outlined in the video. Use a flowchart if possible (5points)



Results and calculations: Report results from experiment. Tables can be used, also show sample calculations. (10 points)


Mass of weight boat 1

Mass of weight boat 1 + impure sulfanilamide

Mass of impure sulfanilamide

Mass of weight boat 2

Mass of weight boat 2 + pure sulfanilamide

Mass of pure sulfanilamide

% Recovery

Melting point of pure sulfanilamide

Literature melting point of sulfanilamide


Discussion: Analyze the data you obtained in your experiment. Explain difference between the starting weight of the impure sulfanilamide and the pure sulfanilamide. (5 points)


Conclusion: (2 points)


Post lab calculations: (pg. 31)


Questions (1-3) (5 points)

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