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Schnarr English 1B

Arguing a Position Research Paper Assignment


Write an 8 page (2000 word) paper that argues a position on a topic that is connected to The Ethics of What We Eat by Peter Singer. Your Works Cited page will be your 9th page. You must use The Ethics of What We Eat as one of your sources, and in addition, you must use at least four other scholarly sources. You will have at least five entries on your Works Cited page, all of which must speak to your topic.

Your essay can be on any of the following topics:

· Veganism – is it healthier? Better for the environment?

· A particular food – is it healthy? Ethical to consume?

· Animal Rights

· Running an ethical business

· Worker’s Rights

· Corporate Power

· Any other topic in the book that grabs your attention


The basic features for this assignment (the criteria for how it will be graded) are as follows:


1. A Focused, Well-Presented Issue

2. A Well-Supported Position

3. An Effective Response to Opposing Views

4. A Clear, Logical Organization

5. Grammar, Mechanics, MLA formatting

6. Invention Writing, Rough Draft, and Peer Review


For more information about the first four grading criteria, read pages 231-236 in your textbook, The St Martin’s Guide to Writing. For an example of this essay genre, read Jessica Statsky’s essay on pages 236-241 in your textbook.


As always, let me know if you have any questions!!

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