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Envionmental Chemistry Of Organic.

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CEE-PUBH 5730-6730 Environmental Chemistry of Organic Contaminants

Quiz 2 Take home 100 pts

09/07/18 1. Use EPA’s EPI Suite program to rank the following compounds (1 lowest-5 highest) in order of increasing vapor pressure. Submit the output (hard copy or electronic copy by e-mail) for each compound for full credit (25 pts). Also compare the estimated vapor pressures to the experimental vapor pressure where available by filling in the table below (25 pts).


toluene, phenol, br omobenzene, chlor obenzene, heptane

Compound Exp Pv (mm Hg)

Est Pv (mm Hg)

Rank (1 – highest)

toluene phenol

bromobenzene chlorobenzene

heptane 2. A graduate student was setting up a series of soxhlet extractions when a bottle containing 4 liters of heptane (CAS # 108-88-3) was accidentally dropped onto the floor. The student quickly left the room and closed the door but unfortunately had not yet turned on the fume hood. Assuming equilibrium conditions, no exchange of air in the room with the outside, a room air temperature of 25 ˚C, and a room volume of 1 x 105 L, answer the following questions a and b. Use the information (vapor pressure, density) from the EPI Suite program to help answer the questions. a) Does any liquid heptane remain on the floor? (25 pts) b) Calculate the concentration (mg/L) of heptane in the room air? (25 pts)

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