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 Disease or condition which affects SKELETAL SYSTEM.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Term Paper

About Term Paper:

1. Choose a disease or condition which affects SKELETAL SYSTEM. It can be viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoan, congenital/genetic, biochemical, drug induced, or the result of trauma, overuse, etc.

2. Investigate the history of the problem, the physiology, treatments, and present – day research being done on the problem.

3. The report for this paper should follow the format below. This paper is worth 200 points maximum. This is for credit; it is required.

4. Paper Format

a. Title Page(separate page)

i. title, centered, large font, bold

ii. bottom third, centered: your name, Course name/number, Prof. name, University name, City and State, date

b. Outline, with page references(separate page)

c. Abstract/Introduction(separate page)

d. Body of paper : ((body of the paper must be 15 pages in minimum)))

i. Section headings ( same as in the outline)

ii. pagination, paper title, your initials: at the top

iii. Council of Scientific Editors style ( or MLA or APA): Name – Year system

e. Graphs, diagrams, photos, charts, tables may be integrated into the body of the paper or included in appendices( be sure these include legends and references if appropriate)

f. Bibliography/ Literature/ References(separate)….THERE MUST BE 15 AND MORE BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDED.

i. alphabetical

ii. Council of Scientific Editors style( or MLA or APA)

5. Submission requirements

a. only hard copies accepted

b. double-spaced, one inch margins all around

c. print only on one side of the page

d. submit loose leaf in a folder with the title and your name and the course name/number on the cover

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