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Determine the threat/risk analysis 

ROLE:  Detail Leader

  1. Determine the threat/risk analysis 
  2. Prepare a summary that includes the following:
    1. A roster detailing the student’s names and role assumed for this assignment.
    2. The number of protection specialists required for the mission.
    3. Any special requirements, skills, training, or equipment needed.
  3. APA format, 8 slides


Ms. Z, a female high-profile entertainment personality, living in New York City, NY is attending a music award ceremony in Atlantic City, NJ, where she will be presenting an award. Ms. Z will utilize chartered helicopter travel from NYC to Atlantic City, NJ and return.   Ms. Z will be traveling with her female publicity manager/best friend.  There are no scheduled stops between NYC and Atlantic City. Ground travel in Atlantic City via hired car service. Ground travel in NYC to Downtown Manhattan Heliport via chauffer employed by Ms. Z. The 4-hour award show will be held in the ballroom of a 5-star hotel in downtown Atlantic City. The hotel has a security manager and staff of 12 security officers (4 officers per 8 hour shift). Additional security officers will be in place on the night of the awards show. Ms. Z and publicity manager will occupy the penthouse suite of hotel and take all meals through hotel room service. Ms. Z has been invited to attend a privately-hosted after party at the XYZ Restaurant [downtown Atlantic City-8 blocks away from hotel], following the close of the awards show. She is undecided at this point whether she’ll attend the party or not.


Mission to consist of 2 days, 1 night

Day 1: 12pm helicopter travel to Atlantic City, NJ from NYC, NY and remain overnight, evening meal via room service; attend awards show;  ‘After party’ To Be Determined (TBD); remain overnight (RON)

Day 2: 5am depart for 3- mile run, followed by massage and breakfast at hotel restaurant; then ground travel to Atlantic City Heliport for flight to Downtown Manhattan Heliport, NYC, NY.  Ground travel to residence.

Known intelligence: 

Due to high-profile celebrity status, she has many fans who want to approach her for “selfie” pictures and to speak with her. Ms. Z is very open to this and has been known to “wade into the crowd”, to be with her fans. In a visit to Philadelphia last year, to attend a similar awards show, she was accidently knocked to the ground as the fans surged past her 1-person protection specialist. She suffered cuts and bruises, but was very embarrassed by the photographs published of her lying on the ground writhing in pain. She has indicated this level of security was unacceptable and can’t happen again. She has received far more fan letters that are positive than those that are negative but recently starting be “stalked” in NYC by an overly aggressive female fan who wants to “work for her”. Ms. Z is known to invite people she meets to either have a meal with her or ride in her car to events.

Protection team roles:

  1. Detail Leader and Threat/Risk Analysis Advance
  2. Transportation Ground and Air Advance
  3. Event Advance and Medical Detail
  4. Lodging and Dining Advance
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