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DeFronzo Research Study

CJ490: Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Unit 10 Worksheet

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Using the DeFronzo research study, break down the study into its corresponding research components. Answer each the following six questions below based on each separate research component. You answers should be 200-350 words each. Cite your work using APA as needed. Provide your full source references at the end of worksheet.

1. Identify the research purpose of this study. What is the central research question being addressed?

2. Identify the independent variable(s). Identify the dependent variable(s). Identify any additional control variable(s).

3. Identify the general population of subjects being used. Based on this population, what sampling strategy did DeFronzo employ? Identify the sampling technique and describe the resulting sample of subjects (people, places, or things) analyzed in the study.

4. Identify the research design used. Explain why this particular design was utilized in comparison to other possible designs.

5. Identify the data collection methods used in this study to measure the variables.

6. Assess the validity and reliability of this research study based on the research components.

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