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1.5 pages single spaced, include References and when necessary, images with captions.

•List the various strains of coronavirus that caused the 2019 disease outbreak (COVID-19)•Explain the possible causes for so many strains (Hint: your answers should be in line with the chapter on evolution)•Recently, a new strain of the COVID-19 virus was detected. Explain the possible causes (at least 2) for a new strain from a cellular level.•Explain the conditions for a particular strain infecting some individuals and not others. Be able to name the terms (e.g., adaptation, etc.) from chapter 5 that relevant to this answer.•The first host for COVID-19 was thought to be bats in China, explain why the coronavirus might be able to infect humans and bats from an evolutionary standpoint.•Explain how alcohol prevents COVID-19 from replicating.•How might the use of vaccines and alcohol In what instances might COVID-19 be able to still thrive in the population•Explain how the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines work. Be specific to the cellular level.•Think about this: Will all the viruses inside one host be eliminated? When we use measures to stop viruses (e.g., vaccines or antivirals), will all the individuals of that species respond the same way?•Answer this question: If all viruses will not die as a result of exposure to vaccines or anitvirals, what might be the reason the virus does not die? What may be the possible outcome?•Answer this question: A new strain of COVID-19 arises, will the vaccine work against it? Why or why not?

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