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For ease of reading for other students, please create a name for your university in your post title (ex. American University). In this discussion you are expected to write an informative essay (250 word minimum). Please use information from the lecture, assigned readings, and possibly other websites to develop your reasoning. If you could create your own university, how would it be structured? Include all of the following and separate each item by bullet points or numbers:

1) What criteria would be used for student admissions (ex. SAT scores, ACT scores, personal essays, high school GPA, community service, extracurricular activities, interviews, etc.)? Explain your rationale.

2) Would your professors be expected to teach and to research? To only teach? To only research? Explain your rationale.

3) Would your university have college sports? Why or why not? How would these sports be funded? 4) Would your university be focused more on vocational training or liberal arts? Explain your rationale. 5) Include at least one other detail you feel is important to creating an effective university. 6) Finally, for the students graduating from your university, what would be your hopes for them? What do you hope

they will have learned? What skills do you hope they will have obtained? 7) List your word count.

To post: Click on the Discussions tab on Carmen. Select the “Assignment: Education Discussion.” The next screen will read ”Since this is a group discussion, each group has its own conversation for this topic. Here are the ones you have access to: Education Discussion – Group 1.” Click on your group. Scroll down and click Reply. See next page for grading rubric.

Extra Credit* – Respond to another student’s posting.

Reply Post: 1. Identify strengths of another student’s university. Explain why you think these factors are strengths. 2. Considering the same student’s university, identify something that you think is a concern. Why is this a concern? 3. Provide a possible solution for the concern you expressed in question #2.

*Review syllabus policy for extra credit: Extra credit: Students may earn extra credit points for responding thoughtfully to other students in Carmen discussion assignments. Points earned range from 0.50 – 2 points per Carmen discussion topic. Since there are a total of 4 discussions over semester, students have the opportunity to earn a total of 8 extra credit points. Due dates for discussions are listed in the syllabus. Original posts and responses must be posted before discussion due date.

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