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Comparative Criminal Justice Essay 2

 Watch the Movie, “Return to Paradise,” directed by Joseph Ruben, 1998 

After reviewing the movie, “Return to Paradise,” and utilizing this week’s required reading material, write an APA formatted (Refer to APA writing guide) essay that addresses the following questions:  

  1. Why do you believe Malaysia is very sensitive about American criticism of Malaysian justice?
  2. Could other countries be critical of aspects of American justice? What is the best way to avoid such finger-pointing?
  3. Would you return to face six years in prison to spare a friend’s life in a similar situation?
  4. What would be your rationale?
  5. Integrate biblical principles of ethics, responsibility and accountability in the content of your paper?

Your APA paper must include a Title Page2-3 pages of written text (Main Body) and a References Page.  Please properly cite the movie in the Main Body and on your References Page.

APA Movie Cite Example:

Acceptable In-Text Citation: (Producer Last Name & Director Last Name, Year of Release)

References Page:  Producer Last Name, F.M., & Director Last Name, F.M. Release Year. Title of Motion Picture. Country of Origin: Studio Name 

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