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Cognitive Psychology And Humaistic Psychology

After having learned about Cognitive Psychology and Humaistic Psychology, including the important theorists, the main ideas, and the ways of conceptualizing and treating disorders, students are asked to create a PowerPoint presentation describing the development of each theory. Specifically, students will identify historical antecedents of preceding philosophies/intellectual traditions (1 slides per theory), identify and describe important figures and tenets of Cognitive Psychology and Humanistic Psychology (1 slide per theory), and discuss each theory’s views on etiology of disorders, approach to diagnosis, and views on prognosis for diagnosed individuals (1 slide per theory). The project should also include at least one slide evaluating strengths and weaknesses of each theory, and a slide compare them with a Christian Worldview. Finally, the slides should include some sort of visual aid to help describe the information in the slide (e.g., picture, graphic, symbol).


The presentation should be no less than 8 slides long, excluding title page and references.
The presentation should include a support/citations from at least 4 sources outside of the textbook.
Pictures and illustrations should be included, where needed and should enhance the content rather than just decorating the slide.
The slides should indicate a good understanding of the development of each theory.
The project should be formatted according to APA guidelines, including, but not limited to, appropriate grammar, spelling, and citations (as necessary)
The project should include in-text citations for all factual information provided and include an APA reference page providing reference information for the cited materials. 

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