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Co-occurring Disorders Treatment 

Specific case study from the Co-occurring Disorders Treatment Workbook (The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, 2002) and develop an assessment and intervention plan based on it. 

should include all of the following sections: 

1. Overview of the Case Study (2 paragraphs). 10 points 2. A description of procedures and process you would use for assessment and diagnosis in the selected case study. Be sure to include rationale for your selections (bullet points with rationale). 10 points 

 3. Include an analysis of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the substance(s) used in the case study (provide a chart that summarizes the information). 15 points 

4. Develop a diagnosis based on the DSM-5. Specify the degree of the disorder (current level of severity – mild, moderate, or severe), and include a rationale (2 paragraphs). 20 points  

5. Analyze and discuss how the mental health issues in the case study are either caused by or exacerbated by substance use (1-2 pages). 25 points 

6. Discuss etiology: the genetic, biological, environmental, social, psychological, and/or philosophical elements that might impact the case (1-2 pages). 20 points 7. Discuss the special needs and treatment recommendations related to dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders (1-2 pages). 25 points 

8. Analyze and apply the main techniques, strategies, or approaches of common treatment options for the case study selected (include a chart with short rationale). 15 points 

9. Explain the typical risk and protective factors that impact the individual in the case study (2-3 paragraphs). 15 points 

10. Describe the efforts you would include toward relapse and prevention and structure a treatment plan (chart) that incorporates these concepts (1-2 pages). 25 points  

11. Analyze and discuss any ethical or legal issues inherent in this case (1-2 paragraphs). 10 points 

12. Grammar and APA style. 10 points  

Reference: The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (2002). Co-occurring disorders treatment workbook. Retrieved from:

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