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Clinical Genetics

Module5A Homework Student name _____________

Clinical Genetics

Each entry is worth 1 point, 10 points total

Welcome to module 1 of Clinical Genetics. I am Dr. Kris Behan, the department chair of the Medical Laboratory Sciences Dept at the University of West Florida.


Page 1 of homework

Indicate the answer on the drawing

Where will the next nucleotide add on the left strand? Put a star there.

On the right strand? Put a star there.

What bases will complete the double strand? Draw them in with the correct letter (just the letter!)

Indicate the number of H bonds between the bases with lines

Page 2 of homework

Indicate the answer on the drawing

Name each sugar and identify the carbons by number (include the prime) on deoxyribose

Page 3 of homework

The nucleotide on the left has thymine as its base. Name the nucleotide _____________

The base is attached to which carbon of the sugar? _____________

Which sugar is seen? _____________

Is thymine a purine or a pyrimidine? _________

The base on the right is adenine. Use powerpoint to arrange/rotate/flip it. Did you do it? _____ That’s how it will align with the nucleotide on the left. How many H bonds will they share? _____


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