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Case Study Project Part IvDeclared Jurisdiction

Case Study Project Part I:  Declared Jurisdiction

Template Statement of Action Research Intent

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the following template for the completion of this assignment by providing the information designated by parentheses. 

The (city/town/county, state) will be examined to determine the current status of economic development. The resources for this study initially will come from public administrator generated information. The data will be assessed using S.W.O. T. Analysis.  “Smart” Action Research will then be conducted to determine what specific economic development strategies may be employed to address areas of concern required for enhancing economic development prospects in the above jurisdiction. Using published scholarly resources and pertinent analytics, the action research efforts will turn to identifying options available to decision makers. This action research will result in a final report that provides both the criteria by which economic developments strategies may be weighed and a discussion of recommended actions, each uniquely assembled to improve the economic prospects for (city/town/county, state).

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Case Study—PART 1—Jurisdictional Declaration

CriteriaLevels of Achievement
Content(70%)Advanced92-100%Proficient84-91%Developing1-83%Not PresentTotal
Economic Development Location18.5 to 20 points:Location is clearly delineated, fully meeting assignment standards.16.5 to 18 points:Meets most of the assignment standards.1 to 16 points:Location needs further specification before the student may proceed.0 pointsNot present
Action Research Statement of Work Understood and Signed13.5 to 15 points:Template completed.12.5 to 13 points:Template partially completed.1 to 12 points:Student Modified Template0 pointsNot present
Structure (30%)Advanced92-100%Proficient84-91%Developing1-83%Not presentTotal
Formatting, Spelling, and Grammar13.5 to 15 points:No spelling or grammar errors12.5 to 13 points:1-2 spelling and/orgrammar errors1 to 12 points:3-4 spelling and/orgrammar errors0 pointsNot present
Professor Comments:Total:/50
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