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Body And Drugs

Your Body on Drugs

Directions: Please answer the following questions after watching the video: Your Body on Drugs

Use blue font to answer the questions. Please write in complete sentences providing thoughtful and analytical responses.


· How does marijuana affect memory?

· How was James’ driving impacted by marijuana?

· How was James’ problem solving affected by marijuana?

· How did James respond in an emergency situation?

· How will marijuana affect James’ body over time?


· How did meth affect Jeff’s driving?

· How was Jeff’s problem solving affected by meth?

· How did meth impact Jeff’s strength?

· How will meth affect Jeff’s body over time?


· How did heroin impact Vicky’s driving?

· How was Vicky’s problem solving affected by heroin?

· How did Vicky respond in an emergency situation?

· How will heroin affect Vicky’s body over time?


· How did cocaine impact Rob’s driving

· How was Rob’s problem solving affected by cocaine?

· How did Rob respond in an emergency situation, before and after use?

· How much more likely are cocaine users likely to experience a panic attack?

· How did cocaine impact Rob’s strength?

· How will cocaine affect Rob’s body over time?

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