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Assignment Two: Addressing Mental Health, Class, Gender, and Race

Assignment Two: Addressing Mental Health, Class, Gender, and Race


If you’ve taken a sociological theory course you are likely familiar with Herbert Blumer’s work and social interactionism theory.  In the 1960s, Erving Goffman put forward the idea that social interactionism can be applied to understanding mental health. Individuals engage in self-fulfilling prophecies that support them living up to the image others have of them, and expect of them.  Goffman suggested that people institutionalized with mental illness can rework their self-image based on the institutionalization.

For this assignment, we will expand upon our understanding of sociology of medicine, health, illness; more specifically, mental health and illness. You will explain the link between stress and mental illness, and then use that explanation to explain the three social variables:  class, gender, and race differences in mental illness.


For this assignment, you will put together a presentation. 

You may also use PowerPoint or use another presentation program.  Please attach, embed, or provide a link to your presentation to submit it for grading.

Your Presentation must do the following:

  1. Explain the link between stress, mental health, and illness.
  2. Next, explain class, gender, and race differences in mental health.
  3. Apply at least four concepts from our readings/materials that relate to mental health and illness. For example, social isolation and stigma.
  4. Select one sociological theory and explain how it can be applied to mental health and illness. Sociological theories include functionalism, conflict theory, feminist theory, symbolic interactionism, and others as mentioned in our readings and materials.
  5. Include at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles no more than five years old.

Your 10 – 12 slide presentation should utilize sound critical thought and it should include appropriate APA in-text citations and full APA references at the end. Please note, the cover and reference slide do not count toward the requirements.

The structure of the Presentation must include the following:


— BODY OF PRESENTATION WITH SUBHEADINGS (to identify each section)


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