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An article in Environment International

experiment in which the amount of radon released in showers was investigated. Radon-enriched

water was used in the experiment, and six different orifice diameters were tested in shower

heads. The data from the experiment are shown in the following table


Diameter Radon Released (%)

0.37 80 83 83 85

0.51 75 75 79 79

0.71 76 76 83 77

1.02 67 72 84 74

1.4 62 65 88 85

1.99 60 61 64 66


a. Does the size of the orifice affect the mean percentage of radon released? What conclusions

would you draw? Use 05.0 .

b. Find the P-value for the F-statistic in part (a)

c. Find a 95% confidence interval on the mean percent of radon released when the orifice

diameter is 1.40.


























Question # 2. The results of an experiment involving a storage battery used in the launching

mechanism of a shoulder-fired ground-to-air missile were presented. Three material types can be

used to make the battery plates. The objective is to design a battery that is relatively unaffected

by the ambient temperature. The output response from the battery is effective life in hours. Three

temperature levels are selected, and a factorial experiment with four replicates is run. The data

are as follows:





Test the appropriate hypotheses and draw conclusions using the analysis of variance with


Note: – Must be typed and submitted using MS -Word format ONLY. Use Excel to crate the

ANOVA then copy your ANOVA table into the word document and answer the questions. You

need to show your work (ANOVA Tables and formulas and calculations for part C( Question #1)

to receive full credit)

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