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American Tongues

Name ___________________ American Tongues Quiz – 25 Points

1. As the United States was settled, what were some of the major trends in the movement of people? Do you see a relation between the major routes of movement and some of the dialects of English?




2. What physical conditions about Appalachia or Tangier Island might cause these dialects to become quite distinct?





3. What social conditions might have gone along with the physical separation?





4. How have dialects been used to create stereotypes in the movies and the media?





5.  What are some other scenes in “American Tongues” that show prejudice against the speech of a particular region, class, or social group?



6. How do people feel about themselves when they are constantly told that their dialect is inferior?




7. What are some of the positive reasons for using a local dialect?




8. How do the two Black girls who tease their friend for being a “school girl” and a “mama’s girl” feel about their own language?




9.  What advantages may come from being able to shift dialects?




10. Do you shift dialects depending on where you are and the people you’re talking to? What are some settings where you might shift your dialect?

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