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American Justice System

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Note: You will submit a case analysis in the form of either a presentation or a 5- to 7-page paper. If you select a presentation, you should have 5–7 slides. Please see the document on Guidelines for Presentations.  

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:  

  1.  Determine how the physical location and citizenship status of individuals impact the United States’ ability to adhere to procedural due process for apprehending and charging criminals 
  2.  Discern how relevant national and international law enforcement agencies impact crime prevention and response 
  3.  Analyze procedural aspects of the American justice system relevant to specific cases for their implications in addressing international criminal activity 
  4.  Illustrate the role of international criminal justice organizations in coordinating the facilitation of U.S. law  


  You are working for a branch of the U.S. international criminal justice system and have been given a choice of three cases to review by senior leadership. They are asking you to examine the case and provide an analysis in which you will review the specific elements, determine the international legal factors involved, and draw a conclusion evaluating the effectiveness and success—or lack thereof—of the investigation and prosecution of the parties involved. 

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

I. American Justice System

 Before analyzing the specific elements of this case, you will need to be aware of the procedural laws and how citizenship can play a factor in the investigation and eventual prosecution of a criminal. 

A. What are the implications of the procedural laws when mitigating domestic and international criminal activity? How do the requirements related to the steps in processing a case impact the United States’ ability to combat criminal activity? 

B. What rights and responsibilities do citizens have according to these laws?  

C. Explain how procedural law applies to people who are not legal U.S. citizens and how these laws are enforced.  

D. According to the United States’ justice system, what are the rights of people who are not legal citizens?  

II. Violation 

For the following, review the elements of the case regarding the violation of the crime. 

A. Determine the criminal’s citizenship status and how this impacted the United States’ ability to adhere to procedural due process.  

  • 1. Was the criminal a U.S. citizen? 
  • 2. Did the criminal have dual citizenship?  

B. How does this information affect the United States’ ability to apprehend and charge the criminal? 

 C. Determine how the criminal’s location impacted the United States’ ability to adhere to procedural due process.  

  • 1. At the time of the crime(s) committed, where did the criminal reside?  
  • 2. How did this interfere with the investigation and apprehension of this criminal? 

D. Explain which laws were violated domestically and internationally and the consequences associated with the violations. 

  •  1. What crimes was the criminal charged with in the United States? 
  •  2. What were the associated consequences of violating these laws?     

III. International Agencies and Law

 For the following, review the elements of the case regarding the agencies that were involved in the investigation. 

A. Analyze the laws regarding the case-specific violations in the country where the person of interest was or is currently residing. How did these laws aid in the investigation or apprehension of the criminal?  

B. Analyze the political factors that played a role in facilitating or mitigating the crime. Did the law enforcement agencies involved enforce the regulations or legislation that the United States has regarding these crimes?  

C. Determine the ability level of the law enforcement agency to effectively mitigate these types of crimes. What evidence do you have to support your claims?  

D. Which international law enforcement organizations assisted in this investigation? How did the organization aid in the investigation and what were the limitations to their support?  

E. Illustrate the extent of reciprocity between related law enforcement agencies.      

  • 1. Was U.S. law facilitated in all agencies related to this case?
  •  2. Does the United States reciprocate their laws?
  •  3. Was there a cooperative relationship between the United States and international law enforcement agencies, and is this cooperation still ongoing?

 F. Explain how the United States cooperates with these organizations. What does the United States do to aid in apprehending and enforcing justice for foreign organizations? 

 G. Why is it necessary to coordinate and cooperate with these agencies?  

IV. Conclusion

Based on your analysis of the case, compose a conclusion in which you will weigh in on whether you believe the investigation and prosecution of this case were performed effectively. Be sure to include your recommendations for how the investigation and prosecution of this case could have been handled differently to produce a more desirable outcome.  

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